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Team WE is a women’s bike racing and multi-sport team in Middle Tennessee. Team WE athletes are dedicated to competition and the consistent and structured training schedule that racing at any level demands. Team WE athletes are caring and enthusiastic women who support and motivate one another as athletes. These women live an active lifestyle and empathize with the challenges of balancing professional and personal lives while being fit, healthy, strong and, of course, competitive. Coach Emma Cribb is the head coach and team director for Team WE.
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Coach Emma CRIBB

Race age 46

Cat 2 Bike Racer — Road, MTB, CX

2016 Goals:

-Staying healthy and fit.

-Continue to support the awesome athletes on Team WE.

I love riding my bikes. I love coaching. I love being a wife and mother. It’s not easy balancing work, coaching, family, riding and working out; but I wouldn’t live any other way!

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Kirsten WE bio

Kirsten Sass

Race age 36

Cat 2 Road; Elite Amateur Triathlete/Duathlete

2015 Highlights: World Champion Triathlete & Duathlete. TN State Road Racing and TT Champion.

2016 goal: Keep moving!!

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Lisa 7594


47 years old
10 yrs racing
Cat 2 Road, Cat 3 Cyclocross, Cat 3 Mtn, Triathlete
2015 highlight: Completed 50 Mile Ididaride Mtn bike; 10th Paris to Ancaster Cyclocross race.

2016 goals:
Gnaw Bone 25k Trail run race; Oak Mtn Xterra; Lock 4 Xterra; Bells Bend TT; Music City Crits; 50K Trail Run and various Olympic and Sprint Triathlons.

I am a stay at home mom with 4 children, ages 7 through 16. After having 4 children and a running – induced injury, I bought a bike and joined the local bike club. Soon afterwards I was able to keep up with the fast group and I was encouraged to race. I won the TN State Series Championship my first year of racing. I really enjoyed it and realized I had some natural talent.

I enjoy the camaraderie and competitive spirit of being on a team . Team WE is a perfect fit for my multisport lifestyle. I love being a mentor to others and my kids think I am cool and are proud of me. It is never too late to pursue your dreams.
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rachel h 7607

Rachel HART

25 years old

Category 2 Road, Category 4 MTB

2015 highlights:

Racing U.S. Pro Nationals Road Race and TT in Chattanooga

I graduated from Vanderbilt University, but I’m back in school in preparation for applying to graduate schools to be a Physician’s Assistant. I currently work at Gran Fondo Trail and Fitness, which helps support my cycling habits.

I started racing in 2012.  My friends, Coach Emma and the team keep me motivated to continuously push myself harder. I have been enjoying the  positive results of all my hard work.  Training and racing are something I really enjoy. My goals are to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.
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34 years old

2 year racing

Cat 3 Road and MTB

2015 Highlights: Leadville 100 MTB event – Finisher.

2016 Goals: Leadville 100 MTB event – beat my 2015 time — DONE!.

I am originally from White Bluff, TN, about an hour or so from Nashville. I moved here after a stay in Murfreesboro for school, in which I achieved a BFA in graphic design and painting. Since my interests were always painting/drawing, guitar and piano, I have had ZERO athletic endeavors in the past and stumbled into cycling by complete accident.

Several years ago my car broke down and I remembered a rusty old Wal-Mart mountain bike a friend had given me in the basement. I rode that rusty squeaky thing to work and back, I rode that thing on the Shelby Bottoms bike path, I rode that thing across town. Luckily for me, my Dad had held on to his early seventies Raleigh ten speed, and it was on this bike that my love affair with riding really began. In the spring of 2012 I bought a new road bike.

GAME CHANGER. After a while of showing up to group rides and riding with a handful of new friends who raced, these folks gave me a gentle push (it may have been a shove) to enter my first road race in March 2013.

The following months of training and racing yielded some of the most amazing, invigorating, humbling, beautiful, challenging, and learning experiences I’ve ever had and I am so excited to train and race with Team WE. If you had told me years ago that I would ever be pinning a race number to a jersey, I would’ve told you that you were crazy. If I can do this anyone can.
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Rachel TATUM

44 years old

Cat 3 road, triathlons

Career Highlights: 1994 US Olympic Festival (rowing), 2006 1st place TBRA Cat 4, 2011 All-American honorable mention USA Triathlon Association.

2015 Highlights: MCC Cat 3 Winner. Chattanooga Crit Cat 3/4 Winner.

When my two children are in school, I work as an ACSM certified personal trainer and teach a variety of endurance and strength based classes at the YMCA.  I enjoy providing clients with workouts tailored for their specific fitness goals. Before my time as a fitness instructor, I was a Japanese teacher and rowing coach at the high school and collegiate level.

Getting back into road racing has allowed me to use all my indoor training in a positive way. I enjoy being part of a team and working for the good of the team.

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Stephanie Hatcher

45 years old

Cat 3 road

2014 Highlights: th overall TBRA Category 3 women, 1st Cat 4 Aaron Shafer RR, 3rd Cat 3 Village Volkswagen River Gorge Ominum

I am the mother of two wonderful boys and a full time Internal Medicine Physician in Dickson, TN. Originally a runner, I got into cycling to help maintain my fitness wile recovering from injuries during my marathon training. I quickly realized that I really enjoyed cycling, and eventually decided to compete in some races. After completing the 2013 Boston Marathon, I hung up my running shoes and began to focus on cycling predominantly. Although my work and family schedule is challenging, I love having the opportunity train and compete with a diverse team of dedicated, hard working female athletes. My goals for the next season are to continue to built my fitness and bike racing skills and to compete in some larger events.

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47 years old

3 years racing

Cat 3 Road

2015 Highlights: 3rd Cat 3 in Music City Criterium Series;
2nd, TBRA Tennessee Best Area Rider, Cat 3 Road.

I am a Professor of Music specializing in classical voice and opera theatre at the undergraduate and graduate level at Belmont University here in Nashville. I have amazing students who actually think it’s pretty cool that I like to race a bike in my spare time!

I am a Professor of Music specializing in classical voice and opera theatre at the undergraduate and graduate level at Belmont University here in Nashville. I have amazing students who actually think it’s pretty cool that I like to ride/race a bike in my spare time!

I began enjoying the hobby of endurance sports a few years ago when running 5ks, 10ks, and half-marathons. My favorite half-marathon experiences were those that involved fund raising for Big Brother Big Sister of Middle TN and for the St. Jude Half. The team effort and coach support for some of these efforts led me to explore the world of triathlon where I soon discovered not only a love for competing and community comradery, but that I also loved the bike! I learn daily from the fantastic cyclists in Nashville and am grateful for every opportunity and friendship. Juggling work/life balance has proven slightly more challenging this year, but I hope to enjoy racing with my teammates in the mid to late 2016 season.

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30 years old

Cat 2 Mountain

2015 Goals: Snake Creek Gap Time Trial Series, Leadville 100

I graduated from Samford University in 2006 with a degree in Fitness and Health Promotion and am currently working as a general contractor with LJ Huseby and Company.  I was born and raised in Nashville and played ice hockey from ages 5-26.  Shoulder injuries forced me to give up hockey, but opened the door to cycling.  I am thankful for the transition because it allowed me to meet my husband while participating with my first race team.

I am very excited to be a new member of Team WE this year.  After having 2 knee surgeries at the end of August, I am working hard to rehab and get back on my bike!  Although I have done several XC races, this will be my first dedicated year of racing.  My main focus for 2015 will be mountain biking in preparation for the Leadville 100 in August.

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Carrie ROMER

Race age 32

Multi Sport Athlete

2016 Goals: Gnaw Bone Half Trail Race, XTERRA Oak Mountain Triathlon, Chattanooga Rat Race- 2.4 Mile Open Water, XTERRA Lock 4 Blast Triathlon, 50K Bell Ringer Trail Race

I have a B.S. in Genetics and Biotechnology and a M.S. in Biology and work in a Research and Development laboratory at Vanderbilt University. I have always loved the water and also ran from a young age due to my mother’s interest in running races. It seemed logical to add in the bike and try a triathlon once I moved to Nashville. Due to a running injury, I began spending more time on the bike. I am happy that I bumped into and developed friendships with Coach Emma and my teammates who helped me build my cycling skills. Now that my foot is better, I have goals centered on my interest in off-road events. This will be my first year racing in trail running, off-road triathlon, and open water swimming.
I have had the opportunity to be on many sports teams throughout the years, ranging from swimming to rugby. I enjoy the camaraderie on Team WE and training with encouraging women who want to see each other excel.

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Martha LOWE

Race age 40

Category 3 road racer

2014 Highlights: 4th overall TBRA category 3 women, 1st place Oak Ridge Velo Classic Omnium, La Vuelta Puerto Rico “B group” finisher

I am relatively new to bike racing. I began cycling for triathlon and discovered I like cycling best of the three sports. Cycling is a family sport for me. My husband and my 8 yr old son both love cycling also. I have ridden a total of 8,500 miles year to date and ride an average of 200 miles weekly. I am a full time Occupational Therapy Assistant and am challenged to balance work, family, and training.

My goal for 2015 is to begin the season fitter than I’ve ever been and see what I can achieve. Also to have an injury free season! I am super excited to be racing with the amazing women on Team WE.I expect a successful season for the entire team!

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Evan WE pic

Evan Welch

Race age 14

2 Years racing

Juniors, Women’s cat 4, Youth Elite Triathlete

2015 Highlights: Qualifying for Youth Elite Triathlon Nationals,TN State TT Championship -3rd place 14u;
Cedar Hill Criterium – 1st place 14u and 5th place women’s cat4; 2nd place overall female at Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon; 2nd place overall 12 year old Swim championship

2016 Goals: Regain my fitness after injury last year, stay healthy and qualify
for Youth Elite triathlon Nationals, and race as much as I can.

I am 13 years old and presently live in Sparta, TN. I started triathlon 5 years ago and started bike racing seriously last year. I am in the 7th grade and I am very passionate about triathlon. I love my cycling, swim and cross country teams and coaches. I wish to improve my cycling skills and am thankful for the opportunity to train and get to know my experienced and talented team mates.

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Abigail DODD

Race age 14

2 Years racing

15-18 junior and cat 4

2014 Highlights: Tennessee State time trial 13-14 yr: 2nd place; Tennessee State crit 13-14 yr: 2nd place; Tennessee State Road race 13-14 yr: 1st place; TBRA 10-14 yr: 1st place

I was born in Nashville and am an 8th grader at Croft Middle School. Along with road biking, I run track and play violin in my school orchestra at Croft; also, I am working for my black belt in American Karate. My dad has been biking for as long as I can remember; he introduced me to biking, and soon, I started racing. My goals for the 2015 race season are to learn and improve my riding skills and fitness as a junior racer. I would also like to do more Cat 4 races and to be competitive. I look forward to learning from and working with Coach Emma and the Team WE riders. If I win any prize money this year it will be donated to Pink 4Paul. A small boy at our church that was born with hypolastic left heart syndrome.

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