Run Program


Even if you’ve never run or don’t believe you can, we can help change your mind and attitude.

Learn to run well and love it. Our coaches teach proper and efficient running form using drills and exercises. We will help you get faster, run longer and enjoy the sport with reduced risk of injury. All levels and distances are welcome for speed and form practices on the track, the road, the trails or indoors. We will guide you to get the most out of your run workouts. Get better without necessarily running more.


Cycling and Racing203x92

Cycling and Racing

Learn to ride or improve your technique on a road, time trial or mountain bike.

All levels are welcome. Learn to ride or improve your technique on a road, time trial or mountain bike. You will become a more confident cyclist, learning such skills as clipping in, bike handling, hill climbing, group riding, time trialing and even bike racing. With the expert guidance of Coach Emma Cribb, you will also become a more powerful athlete.

Beginner & Intermediate Bike Racing Program –

Women who are brand new to racing, as well as more experienced Category 4 and Cat 3 cyclists, are provided with customized training programs, coached sessions and other essential resources and support to give you the edge you need in the dynamic and exciting sport of women’s bike racing.


Swim Program


Become a smooth, efficient and fast swimmer.

If you’ve never taken a swim lesson, we can actually teach you how to swim, at any age. Our coaches teach proper swimming form, technique and endurance using drills and exercises during group practices. We can even help you change old habits. You will become streamlined, graceful and fast in the water. All skill, experience and fitness levels are welcome.


Multisport Program


Why do just one sport when you can do two or three?

The multisport all-inclusive programs are geared toward the beginner and intermediate multisport athlete who wants to train for sprint and international distance races. Off-road triathletes, duathletes and aquathletes are welcome.

6, 10 and 12-Week Beginner Triathlon Camp

Spring & summer camps TBA

Fitness, experience and skills are assessed for each individual joining the program to determine the proper group training schedule. Training will include 2-3 coached sessions per week of each of these disciplines: run, bike, swim.

Also included in the program are workshops and clinics: bike maintenance, nutrition, injury prevention, race day readiness, strength training, recovery and transition skills. Our comprehensive, all-inclusive programs will get you ready for your first season of competition.

If you don’t believe you can compete in a multisport event, this is the right program for you.


One-on-one Program


We will help you stay balanced, focused and motivated.

Every athlete has different goals, skills and needs. Coach Emma Cribb designs customized training programs, supporting  WE athletes to achieve good health and performance while fitting exercise into an already busy life.

Coach Emma designs detailed training programs for each athlete based on her goals, schedule and needs.


Training Programs for Teens


Girls as young as 10 can safely train for multisport, cycling, swimming and running competitions.

Living an athletic lifestyle can give a young woman a strong sense of identity, positive body image, confidence, and discipline, all contributing to success and happiness in her personal, academic, and professional life. Team WE Teens will befriend other young women who are focused and dedicated to fitness and athletic performance. The Team WE coaches will provide patient and responsible guidance and support and make it cool to be strong and fast!  We help kids learn valuable skills on and off the bike and provide the support and resources to achieve their athletic goals.