Richard Young – Cancer Survivor, Heart Attack/Surgery Survivor, Cat 4 Road Racer

I decided to make a commitment to bicycle racing one year ago. Through a fortunate turn of events I met Emma. Started training with her last December. Completed 18 races and moved up from Cat 5 to 4, that was my primary objective. Made a few podiums and learned a ton! I like the interactive software she uses, and the fact that she listens to how I’m feeling. She adjusts my workouts accordingly. She is tough but upbeat, always puts a positive spin on the ups and downs of training. Following her plan has taken me physically farther than I have ever been training on my own. My plan is to become stronger and faster next year. Thanks coach!

Ashley Gold – mom, triathlete, attorney

Emma is a great coach and amazing person. She encouraged me to think of myself as an athlete, something I have never done before. It was through her positive message and encouragement that I have participated in new activities and am beginning to look toward the next season and set new goals. I particularly appreciate that she is encouraging to new riders and racers and makes everyone feel welcome.

Stephanie Hatcher – mom, physician

As a mother of two and a full time physician, I needed a coach who understood the rigors of a busy lifestyle and how to successfully implement a training program that fit my needs and gave me the best opportunity to excel. Emma was the right choice! Over the last year I’ve seen great results racing and significant improvement in my fitness and confidence. I am looking forward to what the next season holds.

Janet Rosenberg – cancer survivor, triathlete, hospital administrator

Emma Cribb is a talented, focused and extremely inspirational young woman. I first met her briefly in the early summer of 2010. She influenced me and, the next year, helped train me to complete my first triathlon at age 59. Before I met Emma, I had never been an athlete or participated in any kind of competitive sport. Emma is strong in mind, body and spirit. Without hesitation, I would recommend Emma. I truly believe that Emma can do anything she sets her mind to and can inspire others to do the same.

Carey Dincauze – mountain bike racer, 8th grade English teacher

Emma has considerable charisma and is a strategic thinker. Her estimable influence in the cycling community has expanded from developing her team to working with other coaches developing women’s and junior women’s racing. She balances competition with a positive life message embracing women from beginner to elite by helping them realize their personal goals or by helping them set personal goals. She is a servant leader with a passion to see women succeed and the talents to actualize their success.

Rachel Hart – 2013 Tennessee Road Race Champion, 2013 & 2014 overall TN Best Area Rider

I’ve known Coach Emma for about a year and a half and started training with her a little over a year ago.  I decided that if I wanted to get stronger and faster on the bike, I would need guidance.  For the 2013 & 2014 seasons, she and I decided to set our sights on the overall TN Best Area Rider points series.

Coach Emma is encouraging and is a great listener, always answering any questions and calming my anxieties.  Her active listening skills, expertise and experience in cycling and responsiveness to her athletes are what most distinguish her from her peers.  I enjoy Emma’s sense of humor and down-to-earth attitude. She wants me to work hard but also reminds me to enjoy my bike as a top priority.

Will Montgomery, Cat 2 – 2013 Tennessee Best Area Rider (TBAR, Road, Cat 3)

Thank you to Coach Emma Cribb for her guidance and support throughout the 2013 race season! After taking the CAT 4 state TBAR championship in 2012 I knew I had to get organized and structured to move up to race CAT 3. With her help to stay focused , organized and structured along with learning team tactics I was able to achieve my 2013 season goal of becoming the CAT 3 TBAR state champion. Looking forward to racing CAT 2 competitively next season and building on what I have learned this season with her.

William Berg – actor/performer, NYC

Emma is awesome! She is the real deal. Truthfully, just being in her presence makes me feel better about myself. Her high level of expertise, confidence, and enthusiasm are contagious. I would recommend her to anyone truly ready to get results.