What Motivates You

In memory of Bryan Kortness, who died April 5, 2015, while on a bike ride.

What Motivates You

I was motivated to write this article by the recent death of a beloved member of our cycling community, Bryan Kortness. When a tragedy like the death of a loved one occurs, it affects us all in many different ways. One of the biggest ways, of course, is it makes us think about how much that person meant to us and how that person impacted our lives and the lives of others. A friend or family member’s death also makes us think about our own lives and how quickly everything can change!

We are blessed in so many ways, especially those of us who live with freedom. Freedom to choose everything–religion, where we live, who we marry, how we live, where we work, how we raise our children and how we spend our time and money. With such freedom, comes a lot of responsibility and compromises. How do we choose? It comes down to motivation.

For example, many of my friends spend a lot of time riding their bikes. Many are amateur racers. All the time that is spent riding is not spent doing other things. In order to be able to ride a bike for hours and hours and hours, we have to have the time. So, we choose the type of job that will allow us that kind of time. Also, where we choose to live gives us easy access to awesome roads and trails. We need money too. Nice bikes, equipment and gear are expensive. We are highly motivated to find a job or start a business that has decent pay. Or you are extremely talented and resourceful and get access to great equipment without necessarily having to pay for it; at least not full retail.

Whether we’re talking about bikes or anything else, we should ask ourselves, what motivates us to choose one thing over another thing? How do we decide what we spend our time and money on, and, more importantly, our precious energy.

One big motivator are PEOPLE. Who do you like to spend time with? Who do you relate to? Who are your TRIBE? If you are spending your time with the people you most enjoy, you are happy. Bryan was a man whom many enjoyed being with, on and off the bike. He motivated many people and provided opportunities for others to find joy in riding and being together. He was a valued member of our TRIBE and he will be terribly missed.

Rest in peace Bryan Kortness.

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