Personal Training is not just for the Rich and Famous

You want to work out with a trainer. Do you feel like it’s out of reach for you? Here are a few tips to make this relationship a reality if the financial aspect is holding you back.

1. Share the session with a friend or friends and off-set the cost. It’s also fun with friends! Many trainers will gladly offer small group workouts in any setting – outside, studio, home.

2. Negotiate. There are different methods of payment that will reduce the cost of each session. Paying for several sessions or packages in advance is one option. Paying cash is another option.

3. Barter. It’s a method that has become more and more popular recently. Many of us have products and services that can be exchanged. Be aware though, Uncle Sam wants a piece of that pie.

4. Work out with a structured program designed by a trainer or coach. If you’re self-motivated or have a schedule that makes it tough to schedule anything, ask your trainer to write a program for you that you do on your own. Pay for the program and meet a few times per month for tune-ups.

5. Referrals. Many trainers will offer free or discounted sessions for helping them build clientele. Posting on your Facebook and bragging to your friends about your trainer is easy and can get you free workouts.

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