Women’s Edge Sports & Team WE

Team WE Sports

Coaching, training and supporting an empowered community of women of all ages to live a fit, healthy & athletic lifestyle

Women’s Edge Sports is located in the Greater Nashville Area. WE owner, founder and head coach, Emma Cribb, coaches, trains and mentors women who are striving to live a healthy and athletic lifestyle. Coach Emma Cribb, with the help of other WE trainers and coaches, offers many training opportunities for women of all ages, fitness levels and with many different goals.

Team WE is a women’s bike racing and multisport team in Middle Tennessee. Team WE athletes are dedicated to competition and the consistent, structured training schedule that racing at any level demands. Team WE athletes are caring and enthusiastic women who support and motivate one another as athletes. These athletes live an athletic lifestyle and empathize with the challenges of balancing professional and personal lives while being fit, healthy, strong and competitive. Coach Emma Cribb is the head coach and team director for Team WE.

We, the coaches, clients and athletes of Women’s Edge Sports and Team WE, are mentors and leaders who can guide and support other women to achieve their goals, have fun, and stay safe and healthy.